10 Cooling Effects of Hot Drinks on Hot Days


During the summer, the last thing many of us think about drinking is a hot beverage. Instead, we reach for sodas, iced drinks, or snow cones because we want to cool off. However, in some areas of the world, people choose hot drinks on hot days to cool down. Despite how strange it sounds, evidence suggests hot drinks may be better at cooling people off on hot days than you might think.

1. Hot Drinks

One of the best sources supporting the idea of hot drinks cooling people off on hot days is a study from Ollie Jay, the current director of the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory at the University of Sydney. In 2012, he was an associate professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada, where he decided to perform a study to discover the true effectiveness of hot drinks on cooling a person down. The results of the study confirmed that hot drinks do, in fact, cool people off. However, there are some minor caveats.

2. The Study Itself

In the study, Jay and a team of researchers carefully observed nine cyclists for 75 minutes. A fan would blow on the cyclists, ensuring that their sweat would evaporate. Throughout the study, the men would drink water that ranged in temperatures from 35 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, Jay and the researchers compared the energy lost in the form of heat from the cyclists. The results were straightforward. While drinking hot water, the cyclists lost 56 kilojoules more of energy in comparison to room temperature water. However, cold water caused the subjects to gain 21 kilojoules of energy. Essentially, this means that hot water cooled the cyclists off significantly more than cold water, and that cold water may actually cause a person to retain heat.

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